What Does The Quote Action Is Eloquence Mean?

I know many people have been asking what does the quote action is eloquence mean?

Well, read on…

The popularly quoted line “action is eloquence” is taken from the play “Coriolanus” written by William Shakespeare.


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Action Is Eloquence Meaning

No doubt it has only three words to it, but many people are still not very sure of its meaning.

What Does The Quote Action Is Eloquence MeanLet’s analyze.

The word “action” simply means doing it, to carry out or to execute it.

Most of us are familiar with the meaning of the word “eloquence“, as fluent, forcible, elegant or persuasive speaking or writing.

It also means the persuasive power that is able to express strong emotions; thus producing results as intended.

The synonymous words would be: power, potency, effectiveness or forcefulness.

For example, the eloquence of his speech means the persuasive power of his talk.

Persuasive Power Of Action

This terse quote by William Shakespeare, found in “Coriolanus”, “action is eloquence” simply means, action is the persuasive power.

In other words, taking action, doing it or execution, that’s the power that get things done.

It is just like starting any project. You don’t just sit around, merely talking about visions, ideas or strategies alone.

You must get down to action. Start doing it.

In short, action is the power that drives results.