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For those of you who love the  collection of selected quotes and sayings on this site, please feel free to copy them directly from here, either for your own use or to share them with others.

All these inspiring, motivational, funny or profound quotations, sayings and proverbs found here are specially cheery picked. In other words, all these wonderful life quotes are not just cut & paste quotes, like some other websites. They are meticulously selected.

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Many a times, I have come across sites where they featured the same quote two or even three times within the same page. It is obviously, a rushed cut-n-paste job just to fill up the page.

If you have read through this blog, you would notice that most, if not all selected quotes are creatively-conceived, shorter in length and easy-to-understand.

I avoid including those long poem-like quotations which are either not that profound or difficult to understand for the average readers. Particularly those in archaic English.

I don’t simply dump whatever quotations or sayings lock, stock and barrel in here. I prefer quality to quantity. They have to be meaningful and useful to my readers.

This free and ever-growing quote blog is being searched and used daily by masters of ceremony (MC), speakers, writers, copywriters, humorists, students, craft-makers, and quote lovers from all over the world.

They are searching for inspirational, humorous, enlightened quotations, sayings, proverbs and words of wisdom for their speeches, articles, newsletters, scrapbooks, greeting cards, essays, journals, email signatures, etc.

So, you are invited to copy any of these quotes for your own blog or to share them on your social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.

“There is no delight in owning anything unshared.” – Seneca