To Grow Old Gracefully Is To Enjoy Whatever You Can

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to grow old gracefully is to live whatever you can

To grow old gracefully is to enjoy whatever you can – by Quotationize

When we say “grow old gracefully”, what do we really mean? Graceful means showing beauty of movement, form, or proportion.

Is ‘growing old gracefully’ means to “look good,” and “to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye”?

Personally, I think it is not so much on your physical appearance, but rather your attitude.

It is about your self-esteem, self-confidence and knowing how to act in the appropriate manner in a given situation.

The key point is you still being your authentic self. You have to embraced your age and at the same time, you need to accept the truth that you are old and knows your limitations.

You have to accept the changes life brings with good grace, and a sense of humor. It will make you more relaxed and happier.

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