Free Articles, Essays, Poetry, Cartoons and Photographs From Old Magazines

Here is an amazing site packed with articles from the past issues of magazines, for those of you who are doing research or just for reading pleasure.

articles from old issues of magazines

It is a privately-owned site by an old magazine enthusiast. Here you can find old articles, essays, poetry, cartoons and photographs sourced from libraries, bookshops and yard sales throughout the United States and Europe. You find stuff which includes, history of music, movies, world war, tennis, radio, Titanic, aviation and many more.

According to the owner, all the content in this site is in the public domain. In other words, you can use them without seeking any permission. The articles can be downloaded as PDF files for free.

In fact personally I find this site is a great source to look for my next writing or blogging ideas. The treasure trove I am talking about is called Old Magazine Articles.

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