Best 5 Robert Moses Quotations With Citations That Linked To Proper Sources

Before we look into the best five Robert Moses quotations, let’s find out more about him.

Robert Moses was known as the “master builder” New York City.

He was the major shaping forces behind America’s modern cities.

Moses transformed the city of New York by pushing for the construction of highways, tunnels and bridges.

He also helped preserve land for parks throughout New York state

He is called Builder of infrastructure. To some, he is also known as ravager of neighborhood.

Moses is the man who built Triborough Bridge, Jones Beach State Park, Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, West Side Highway or Long Island parkway system or Niagara, St. Lawrence power projects and other projects.

All in all, he built 658 playgrounds in New York City, 416 miles of parkways and 13 bridges.

After the end of World War II, Moses was so powerful, he was the only one who had say  in park, bridge, and road construction in the New York area.

He had a controlling hand in many other public works of the 1945-1965 period, including the building of the United Nations Headquarters, Lincoln Center, the New York Coliseum, and the 1964-1965 World’s Fair facilities.

in the late 1950s, Moses began to face an increasing opposition from various individuals.

As times went by, this controversial urban planner’s vision of the urban future seemed badly out of step with contemporary values.

best 5 Robert Moses quotationsBest 5 Robert Moses Quotations

Whatever it is, here are my selected best five Robert Moses quotations to share with you:

Here are five great quotations by Master Builder of New York city, Robert Moses with citations, which are not available in Brainy Quote site.

“Those who can, build. Those who can’t, criticize.” – Robert Moses


“Property owners, real-estate developers and their allies, banks, estates, and even churches are content to collect their rents and close their eyes to the implications of their investments.” – Robert Moses

(Slums and City Planning By Robert Moses, The Atlantic, January 1945 Issue)

“It is safe to say that almost no city needs to tolerate slums. There are plenty of ways of getting rid of them.” – Robert Moses

(Slums and City Planning By Robert Moses, The Atlantic, January 1945 Issue)

“If the new Secretary begins by believing that American cities are doomed in spite of the increasingly rapid shift from rural to urban centers, he will accomplish little.” – Robert Moses

(Are Cities Dead? By Robert Moses, The Atlantic, January 1962 Issue)

“If we are to judge by disclosures of the so-called rattlesnake critics, this conference is either a clinic or a morgue and the speakers are pathologists or coroners muttering over a corpse….” – Robert Moses


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