He Likes His Women Raw And With Syrup By Bob Dylan

He likes his women raw and with syrup” is a line from Bob Dylan’s experimental poetry prose book called “Tarantula”.

It doesn’t has any conventional poem. It is just some wild raw random rambling.

Anything that came to his mind at that time, and Dylan just typed it down.

He likes his women raw and with syrupHe Likes His Women Raw And With Syrup

They call it stream of consciousness writing. Something similar to literary iconoclast Jack Kerouac, William S. Burroughs, and Beat Generation poet-writer Allen Ginsberg’s style of writings.

It is a narrative mode that depicts the myriad thoughts and feelings  which appear in the mind of the writer.

Some of you may even called it as gibberish. The writing is not coherent and you may even complain that there is no substance.  Just aimless scribbling.

I find this line is rather interesting, and as a result, I include it as one of Bob Dylan quotations.

Tarantula was written and edited by Bob Dylan in 1966.

It started off as a type-written book by an underground press in San Francisco in the middle of 1965.

Somehow this mishmash literary work by poet laureate Bob Dylan got popular. As a result, there were even bootleg versions selling in the black market through the 1971, as mentioned in Wikipedia.

Later,  Tarantula was re-released in English and translated into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian and Czech.

By the way, you don’t have to buy this book. You can read for free over here.