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Quotationize Authentic Quotes With Related Anecdotes And Meanings

What Is Quotationize

You can quote me on this:

Quotationize is NOT another typical quotation website.

All the published quotes here are verified authentic.

They come with citations that linked to their original sources.

By clicking on the link or links below each quotation, you can actually see or hear the quote straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

quotationize authentic quotes

Besides sharing genuine quotations, I also include the meanings of the quotes, together with interesting relevant facts and stories.

I also include quotes in their original languages, together with the English translation.

Again, all the quotes in the foreign languages are linked to the proper sources.

Quotationize Authentic Quotes

In short, Quotationize is the only quotation website that you can trust, to acquire knowledge and a great site to share it with other quote-junkies.

Quotation With Wisdom

Quotationize only publishes quotations with valuable messages.

Only eloquent and insightful quotes, sayings, quips, maxims, proverbs, precepts, observations, aphorisms, epigrams, catch phrases can be found here.

They must offer inspiration, consolation, encouragement or show you a clear-eyed perspective of life.

These quotes can be witty or sagacious.

I do not publish any random trifling utterance, frivolous remark or silly passing comment made by some currently popular personalities or celebrities.

Quotations With Facts And Stories

Be entertained and enlightened by fascinating facts and stories related to the quotes and/or the quotees or epigrammists.

Quotations Explained

Quotationize is the only online quotation compendium which provides the meaning of each quote.

All of the explanations are my personal interpretations and they are subjective.

You can find them under the tag: meaning.

Every attempt is make to ensure all quotations together with citations published here are genuine and correct.

Note: All the back-links to the sources of the quotes are correct and in good working order at the time of publication.