Quotes On Success That Can Aspire You To Greatness

I am sure you have heard one of the more popular quotes on success: “Nothing fails like success“?

A very simple four word quote, yet it is very true indeed. Actually, it comes from the writing of economist-poet Kenneth Boulding, who changed it from the proverb, “Nothing succeeds like success.”

success quotes by kenneth bolding, anita defrant and evan esar

He edited it because, he says, we don’t learn anything from it. The only thing we learn from is failure.The problem with success is it can breed complacency, inefficiency and arrogance.

When we are successful, we become big-headed and began to rest on our laurels. We tend to slack and get sloppy in our work and life too.

Another one of my many favorite quotes on success in life is “Your goal should be out of reach but not out of sight.” by Anita DeFrantz.

I also believe goals have to be set just right out of reach in order to be most effective. Then only we would work towards them. If goals are set too close, within our reach, we would just couldn’t be bothered with them. This is human nature.

Then again if goals are set too far away that we can’t see them, then we just tend to forget that they exist. So, what American athletic administrator Anita DeFrantz says is very true.

What about this quotation about success by American humorist Evan Esar, “Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.”

I completely agree with Evan Esar. Most of us assume success is merely good luck. If we observe deeply, the things we desire most are the things we are willing to put up with obstacles and put in the the most effort and passion into attaining it.

So which popular quotes on success which you find most inspiring?

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