Not Our Best Interest To Think How We Will Perceived Tomorrow

I agreed with Bob Dylan when he said that it is not our best interest to think how we will be perceived tomorrow.

It’s not to anybody’s best interest to think about how they will be perceived tomorrow. It hurts you in the long run.

The above quote is by Bob Dylan,taken from the book “Songwriters On Songwriting”, where he was interviewed by Paul Zollo.

It is one of my favorite Bob Dylan quotes.

It is true that there is no personal benefit or advantage to think how others will perceive you.

As you know different people will perceive or regard you differently. We all have our own individual way of seeing and deducing the world.

Not Our Best Interest To Think How We Will Be Perceived tomorrowBecause each of our perspective view of the world around us cannot be the same.

As a result, you will be in for disappointment, to find out not many people will perceive you positively, as what you expected.

Don’t be overly concerned or bothered by what other folks’ view about you.

Ignore or disregard what others think about you in the future. Life is too short for such triviality.

Not Our Best Interest To Think How We Will Be Perceived Tomorrow

The best way is be yourself. Be authentic. Live life to the fullest to your own terms. Do things that makes you happy.

Ultimately we all live for ourselves.  Remember, when you die, you die alone.