Lay Kim

Hello I am Lay Kim. I am the creator and founder of Quotationize.

The only quotation resource website with all the quotes* linking to to the original credible sources.

It means, all the quotes published here are absolutely authentic.

lay kim

I have been reading and collecting quotes, quips, sayings, proverbs, catch phrases, aphorisms, sayings and wise words long before the advent of Internet.

Instead of reading those long-winded self-help books, I find these creatively-coined quotations are equally motivating and inspiring.

Just a few words strung together and it speaks volume.  As they say, the power of words.

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* All quotes published here are definitely authentic.

For those which I cannot verified their authenticity, I still published them here because I find them profound and meaningful.

They are attributed to either “Unknown” or “Unverified“.

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