Best 5 John Lennon Quotes That Twist And Shout Across The Universe

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John Winston Lennon or better known as just John Lennon was one of the more popular and controversial member of The Beatles.

Remember the phenomenon ‘Beatlemania‘, which began way back in 1963.

This intense fan frenzy continued even after the the group had broken up in 1970.

best 5 John Lennon quotesOn August 22, 1964, The Beatles performed their first-ever Canadian concert at Empire Stadium in Vancouver.

This was reported in The Columbian on August 24th 1964:

According to psychologist Dr. J. E. Ryan who attended The Beatles’ concert, he said that the excitement felt by the teenagers was much greater and stronger than sex.

It included elation and the whole spectrum of emotions.

Best Five John Lennon Quotes

Here are my best 5 John Lennon quotations:

“I wouldn’t say I was a born writer; I’m a born thinker.” – John Lennon


“…the so-called pain of the artist was always paid for by the freedom of the artist.” – John Lennon


“The Beatles are bigger than Jesus.” – John Lennon

(“Power To The People!” John Lennon & Yoko Ono Interviewed By Tariq Ali and Robin Blackburn, The Red Mole, 8th Issue, Vol.2, March 22nd, 1971; p.7)

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“The king is always killed by his courtiers. He is overfed, overindulged, overdrunk to keep him tied to his throne. Most people in the position never wake up.” – John Lennon

(The Real John Lennon By Barbara Graustark, Newsweek, September 29th 1980)

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“I’ve always considered my work one piece and I consider that my work won’t be finished until I am dead and buried and I hope that’s a long, long time.” – John Lennon


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