Applause Waits On Success Quote Not By Benjamin Franklin

Do you know applause waits on success quote is NOT by Benjamin Franklin?

You better stop applauding those quotation websites, that include Brainy Quotes, Lifehack Quotes, ThinkExist, Search Quotes and Picture Quotes.

All these quotations sites and others attributed the quote “Applause waits on success” to Benjamin Franklin.

Applause Waits On Success Quote Not By Benjamin Franklin

This poetical quote is NOT By Benjamin Franklin.

For your information, the short quote “Applause waits on success” is by Thomas Francklin.

applause waits on success quote

Actually, the line is taken from the poetical quotation from Francklin’s play, “The Earl Of Warwick“.

(The British Drama, Comprehending The Best Plays In The English Language, Tragedies, Vol. I, Part II, London: William Miller, 1804, The Earl Of Warwick By Franklin, Act III, Sc. I, P. 843) source

Here is another source of the quote from the play, “The Earl Of Warwick, A Tragedy” by Thomas Francklin.

The quote is also found here.


Note:  You would notice there is a different spelling in his name.

There are two versions of the spelling: Franklin and Francklin.

According to Wikipedia, it is spelt as Francklin; with a “C“.

His full name is Thomas Francklin.

applause waits on success misquote

Anyway, here is a snippet of the quote:

And so, perhaps, shall Margaret be; applause Waits on success; the fickle multitude, Like the light straw that floats along the stream, Glide with the current still, and follow fortune.

You can also find this line “Applause waits on success” in the 1855 book “A Complete Dictionary Of Poetical Quotations” edited American writer Sarah Josepha Hale on page 504, under SUCCESS.

Here are two more sources of the quote from the same book edited by Sarah Josepha Buell Hale.

Link 1, Link 2

Similarly, this book also misspelt it as Franklin, when it shoud be Francklin.

Sarah Josepha Hale complete dictionary of poetical quotations

Here are two free sites with more free books by Sarah Josepha Hale:

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Thomas Francklin

The English writer and dramatist Thomas Francklin wrote for both the press and for the stage.

Francklin’s noted works are his translations and tragedies.

One of his popular translation is The Tragedies Of Sophocles.

Back then, it was considered the best in the English language.

Here are two resources for free books by Thomas Francklin:

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